What is Neureal?

A limitless ability to see the future.

That may seem a wild boast, but the nascent technologies of blockchain and end-to-end learning truly gives rise to endless possibilities that can be applied across nearly every industry, from NOAA to Lyft. Our architecture is capable of predicting a heart attack accurately enough to save a life; predict a hurricane accurately enough to move vulnerable people out of harm’s way, predict traffic and human patterns accurately enough for companies like Lyft to adjust actions and add to their bottom line. From complicated to simple, Neureal’s impact is far-reaching.

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Prediction is worthless without accuracy. Our ability to harness compute via blockchain technology, coupled with the ability to create predictors out of novice users creates unsurpassed accuracy.



Folding@home + Bitcoin. Community is far more powerful than individual effort, whether measured inside company structures or global neighborhoods.



Adding the ability to pay and get paid within an open-source governance incentivizes and rewards all participants, no matter what role they play inside the organism.

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Neureal’s solution is a breakthrough because it is Limitless. The network’s architecture allows users to ask Neureal about the future the same way we ask Google about the present and the past–with the same confidence we have in the results of Google’s algorithms and first page. This limitless ability creates not only the avoidance of bad things, but the ability to be a first-mover–true time travelers who can see different possible futures, make informed decisions to affect the present through actions, and impact the future one decision at a time. Whether users are companies or governments or individuals, actions based on accurate predictions will have profound impacts across every industry, topic, and social good.


We are giving everyone the ability to matter, to make a difference in the world on a grand scale. Users will be able to predict anything they’re passionate about, from hurricane paths to the extinction of a species, to climate change, to medical advances. And, of course… Bitcoin prices.


There is no centralized system that can be more accurate–not Facebook, not Google–they cannot harness the massive and raw amounts of data needed to surpass what Neureal’s architecture allows. We will always be one step ahead in size and accuracy. Bitcoin itself proved the power of community, creating a distributed computing platform that is 1,000,000 times faster than the largest centralized supercomputer in the world.


Data science continues to hit limitations. Neureal’s ability to be agnostic to the algorithms used allows the system to be forever adaptable.

Beyond AlphaGO.

Humans are the unknown. Their patterns constantly change. The only way to account for this “human-factor” is by forecasting black swans, allowing humans to foresee outcomes and shift their actions, preventing the bad and capitalizing on the good.

Efficiency of Data.

By giving Neureal raw data, the AI is allowed the freedom to do the right thing for itself beyond the constraints of human decision-making on the front end.

Limitless. Without limits. Beyond today.

Neureal gives humans the power to become limitless by predicting the future of anything.