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Open source, peer-to-peer AI supercomputing.
Powered by blockchain. Infinitely scalable.

Иeureal is the first decentralized open source protocol designed to produce a distributed artificial intelligence architecture incentivised, maintained and housed within a cryptocurrency.

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We’re currently alpha-testing the Иeureal prototype. Our installation procedures and other documentation will get better/easier as time goes on and we smooth out the rough edges! In the meantime, please join us at Иeureal Google+ Community or Trello FAQ if you have trouble installing or running the prototype.


Download and unzip the folder then run NeurealStart.bat


So far, the prototype has been tested on Windows 7 and 8.1 (both 64-bit)
The latest Java JRE needs to be installed. You can get it here http://www.java.com/

Иeureal Prototype



Click here for instructions and binaries (Ubuntu 16.04 x64)

Иeureal Prototype

The Team

jen team member image

Jennifer Greyson

Chief Executive Officer

Specializing in intellectual property, Jennifer has created and deployed income streams for international speakers, serial entrepreneurs, business coaches, and the heir to an automotive fortune. She has over two decades of experience building and maintaining entrepreneurial organisms, from startups to established partnerships in publishing, finance, restaurant, and agriculture industries. Her involvement at the onset of new development returns over 300% to bottom line. Her chaos management strategies identify and implement systems to enable the structures to exist beyond her involvement. Systems are everything.

wil team member image

Wil Bown

Founder - Chief Architect

Wil has been working as a contract software engineer for over 23 years. He almost single-handedly developed the Mozaex Media Server which did over $30 million in sales. A local Bitcoin activist, he has been mining since 2011, is the organizer of the 400+ member Utah Bitcoin Community meetup, won top prize at the Million Dollar Texas Bitcoin Conference hackathon, contributed code to main fork Bitcoin and has been involved in several bitcoin startup projects. Wil considers himself an old school Cyberpunk and hopes to eventually merge his mind directly with machines and to help build strong artificial intelligence.

jordan team member image

Jordan Miller

Founder - Architect

Creator of the maestro ai project (maestroai.com), Jordan has a background in distributed systems, machine learning, economics, philosophy and information theory. Jordan’s ability to maintain a 30,000-foot view allows him to quickly locate pertinent and relevant details, disseminate the information, and move projects and people forward. An autodidact, Jordan wants to know everything and thinks the easiest way to do this is to build a learning machine.

james team member image

James Alton

Developer - Dev Ops, Ethereum

James Alton is a software developer heavily involved with information technology for over 17 years. His diverse experience includes applications in both hardware and software solutions in both the Federal Government and the National Banking industries. He has expertise in several programming languages, including Solidity, Javascript and Python. He began his intense research in blockchain technology in 2011 and was an early bitcoin miner. He holds the distinguished honor of having written the first completed Ethereum contract ever on the live network. James has also contributed to many other projects including ones involving artificial intelligence.


michael advisor image

Michael Terpin

Advisor - Marketing
CEO, Transform Group; Managing Partner, bCommerce Lab

Michael Terpin is a serial entrepreneur, and is co-founder of BitAngels, the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups, and now serves as its chairman. The distributed angel network currently has more than 500 members, and it has made more than 25 investments in bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies with two exits and several follow-on rounds. Terpin is also co-founder and managing partner of bCommerce Labs, the first technology incubator fund focused on e-commerce companies for bitcoin and the blockchain. He has also been a partner at Flight VC, where he helped run the AngelList Bitcoin Syndicate with legendary super-angel Gil Penchina, and at the Dapps Fund, which was a lead investor in the initial crowdsale for cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Factom, MaidSafe and Storj. Additionally, Terpin is founder of Transform Public Relations (www.transform.pr), a global public relations firm specializing in blockchain/digital currency, where it has firmly established itself as the world’s top firm with more than 60 clients; drones/robotics, Internet of Things, and virtual/augmented reality.

brian n advisor image

Brian Nelson

Advisor - Contacts, Regulation

Brian Nelson is the founder of ExTech Ventures, an organization focused on helping exponential technology entrepreneurs launch world changing products and services. Before launching ExTech Ventures, Brian co-founded Sig3, an automated co-signer security product for multi-sig bitcoin wallets. As a recognized figure in the Bitcoin and blockchain technology ecosystem, he has consulted many of the top digital currency companies, spoken at numerous industry events and was one of 40 industry insiders to attend the Blockchain Summit with Richard Branson on Necker Island.

brian s advisor image

Brian Sewell

Advisor - Marketing, finance, big data + blockchain

Brian Sewell is Founder and CEO of The American Bitcoin Academy, the thought leader in cryptocurrency education. Mr. Sewell is a serial entrepreneur who has owned several companies in the technology, energy and manufacturing industries. Mr. Sewell is also a former executive with World Savings & Loan, a Fortune 500 company that was purchased by Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC). His passion for entrepreneurship and learning from the best leaders in the world also led him to host of the internationally acclaimed entrepreneurial radio broadcast, “The Brian Sewell Show.” He has previously managed more than $1.1 Billion in assets and is recognized for his fiscal, strategic, and operational vision and leadership. Mr. Sewell received his education from Dixie University, Johns Hopkins University and Stanford.

nick advisor image

Nick Baguley

Advisor - Data Science, Contacts, Strategy

Nick Baguley is a well-known Community Leader in the technology space in the West. His connections in Data Science and Big Data spread around the world. As one of the earliest co-founders of a HUG (Hadoop User’s Group) in the United States and as an entrepreneur, Nick has been able to influence and help create the rising wave of Big Data and Analytics in Utah. He has been heavily involved in the Big Data Hubs and the National Data Science Organizers (NDSO) group from the White House. Through Big Data Utah and Utah Geek Events, he has created and co-organized many large conferences and competitions. Nick founded Evolve STEAM, a training entity focused on Data Science, AI and Data Engineering. Nick co-founded Data Scrubs, a Data Science company that is creating a Data pipeline product with a near-real time serverless architecture for the finance industry and other decisioning functions. Nick co-founded Crossfold.tech, a recruiting company focused on the Data Science, Data Engineering and roles in the algorithmic economy. Nick has acted as an advisor to Universities, Non-Profits, Corporations, Startups, and Individuals for years. This has allowed Nick to impact curriculum, strategic directions for companies, hiring decisions, career advancements and to build communities.